Rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG village located in the eastern Nanchong City, Central Gaoping District, an area of ??8 square kilometers, close to 318 National Road and South beam high-speed cursory entrance, away from the millions of people in Nanchong city is only 18 km away. Lingyun Mountain scenic area adjacent to, Langzhong city, the hometown of Zhu De gem Hill area, hometown Zhang Lan, Luo House. A tourist reception center, 500 acres picking garden, farming culture twenty-four solar recreation area, hidden Pearl Temple, agriculture demonstration garden, Luoxi river boats sailing, Luoxi river recreation corridor, Cultural Square, ecological orchard area within Gaoping specialty showrooms, new rural complex buildings, eco-more than 30 restaurants and other attractions. MT.JINFENG scenic village where the agricultural tourism demonstration sites have been awarded the honorary title of rural tourism demonstration sites, ten harmonious villages Gaoping, Gaoping spiritual village. Rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG Murayama water around, fresh air, beautiful environment, rich cultural history, rich in tourism resources.
Rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG village like a beautiful picture, such as Dai mountain lake like a mirror, blue sky and white clouds, flowers. Here awe toward the temple, leisurely boats sailing, recreational fishing, leisurely picking in modern agriculture demonstration garden tour; Here to watch Cultural Square, the former village markets, ecological orchard, water, oil extraction Square; concept of hand-spinning, traditional opera; listen to stories legends, folk ballads; farmhouse delicious taste here, into the lake, enjoy eat, live, play, travel, purchase of train services, both happy and romantic. MT.JINFENG scenic village of rural tourism and cultural development goal is to create a set of high-end development of the agricultural industry, the villagers live together, rustic vacation, village-level public service facilities and other functions in one leisure agriculture demonstration garden, forming a national "AAA" standard rural tourist attractions, highlighting the city's urban and rural areas to become integrated demonstration highlights.
Rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG village on the proposed establishment of agricultural tourism development and new rural construction "for two years on a large scale, three-year bear fruit" target, agricultural tourism has begun to take shape. Area to the "Tourism Village" location, adhere to the "eco-development" philosophy, when the attractions of the village building. Currently, all the houses scenic "Dressing" all roads sclerosis green lighting, all space replanting straw. Through years of development and construction of tourism, rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG village has become well known for the beautiful and rich land of longing, are attracted to visit tourist recreation staff of more than 5 million passengers per year. In order to achieve harmony between man and nature, protect wildlife and ecological resources, rural tourism and cultural attractions MT.JINFENG CMC focus on strengthening the scenic village of resource protection: First, the villagers were on the scenic civility training to enhance their sense of ownership; Second, non-villagers, traders indiscriminate discharge of sewage, develop their environmental awareness; Third, increase efforts to protect the scenic landscape, ensuring a long tube built; fourth is to strengthen the construction of landscape corridors, scenic green rate of 85%; five is strictly prohibited in the area surrounding the founder of sewage serious business.
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